The Claremont Report on Database Research - (2)

今天的Advanced DB course老師把這篇Technical Report重新review了一次,順便提到了幾個在database area的big guys.

說真的我對database area研究不深,認識的大人物也沒有幾個,從這篇report中認出來的來勉強也只有Tim O'Reilly而已,既然要研究這方面的問題,就來看看這些"Big Guys"的來頭吧!

【Michael Stonebraker】
Michael Stonebraker目前是MIT的教授,之前在University of California, Berkeley任教長達25年。He is also the founder of Ingres, Illustra, Cohera, StreamBase Systems and Vertica and was previously the CTO of Informix. He is also an editor for the book Readings in Database Systems.

這位Stonebraker大師對於relational database有相當程度的貢獻。他發明了Ingres(全名是 INteractive Graphics REtrieval System)這個open source relaional DBMS.和其他多個DBMS.

Michael Stonebraker at MIT
Michael Stonebraker at Wikipedia

【Hector Garcia-Molina】
He currently serves on the Technical Advisory Board of DoCoMo Labs USA and Yahoo! Search & Marketplace. He is a Venture Advisor for Diamondhead Ventures and is a member of the Board of Directors of Oracle Corporation and Kintera.

Hector Garcia-Molina at Stanford
Hector Garcia-Molina at Wikipedia

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