Java PaaS Shoot Out Reading Notes

這篇記錄一下最近同事分享的一篇【Java PaaS shootout】的文章。【Java PaaS shootout】比較了三個使用Java為主要開發語言的PaaS平台,分別是:Google App Engine(GAE)、Amazon Elastic Beanstalk和CloudBees RUN@Cloud。

What is PaaS(Platform as a Service)?

  • PaaS is a type of cloud service in which the provider delivers not only on-demand hardware and operating-system services, but also application platforms and solution stacks.
PaaS是建築在IaaS的基礎建設之上,提供客戶一組應用程式的平台和整套的解決方案(Solution Stack)

MongoDB REST Interface

MongoDB provides rest interface for basic observation of server status. The URL for rest interface is "port+1000".

For example, if you specify the mongodb port with 10000, the rest interface URL will be http://localhost:11000.

MongoDB Admin UI Tool

最近在找一個MongoDB Admin的UI工具,要不然看console很痛苦的...。在MongoDB的官網上有一篇介紹了許多UI tools:

有一些工具是用Web-based來管理,但是這些工具必須要綁web server,不是很喜歡;如果為了跨平台的需求,可以試試看JMongoBrowser,這是用Java寫成的,支援Linux、Windows、MacOS。